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RoLyn Group of Companies

Rob is not just an agent, He is a Real Estate Consultant!

Happily married, Rob & Lynn have 5 children & 7 grand-children. They live, work & play in the Shuswap Lake region. Rob prides himself as being a family man boasting that his family is his true "Resume", he loves to share them with his clients with a great understanding that they are truly his "secret weapon" in his success.  

Shuswap Real Estate Specialist!

Rob prides himself on being a man of his word and his handshake is his bond. When he says he's gonna do something, consider it done!

Rob is a local Rotarian belonging to the Shuswap Rotary Club

Rob & Lynn have been professionals all their lives, co-owners of the RoLyn Group of Companies with a vast background in real estate development for over 30 years.  In addition, they have owned over 65 personal properties in their marriage lifetime, with 8 of those properties being Shuswap Waterfront.  They are experts in the real estate field and pride themselves on being compassionate about their clients needs.

Shuswap Real Estate Specialist!

Love For Community. Leadership in Action!
Rob's Community Involvement & Volunteer Efforts:

  • Past-President of the Shuswap Rotary Club 2014-2015
  •   Multiple Paul Harris recipient / Rotary International Evening Club
  • Project Manager for the Rotary House 2014 Community Project
  • Youth Exchange Officer (YEO) & Committee Chairman for Rotary Shuswap Club - 2012 to 2019.
  • Chairman of the Shuswap Rotary Fall Auction - 2013 & MC 2018 to 2023.
  • Okanagan College Volunteer Business Mentor 2013 - Launch-A-Prenuer Program
  • Board of Directors for Community Futures - Local Economic Development
Shuswap Real Estate Specialist!

Professional Credentials

  • Licensed, Insured & Bonded REALTOR® working with Homelife Realty, Salmon Arm, Shuswap Lake. Rob is a member in good standing with the Canadian Real Estate Association since 2005. Rob is also a co-owner of the Salmon Arm Homelife brokerage.
  • Rob has an honours diploma in Construction Engineering & has been involved in professional real estate development for 30 years now building sub-divisions, homes, apartments, condos, etc. He was a designated certified engineer during 1990 to 1998 in Alberta through his membership in A.S.E.T.
Shuswap Real Estate Specialist!
  • Rob has received certified approval status from the New Home Warranty Program of insurers as a qualified builders representative. He has been involved in both commercial & residential construction projects of various magnitudes from single family homes to 60 unit apartment buildings.  He markets homes for several builders.
  • Rob is a professional graphics designer specializing in sales & marketing with webmaster skills, photoshop creative suite, photography & ad layouts. He has been responsible for the sales & marketing of many large upscale projects involving all aspects including pre-sales, launches, construction phases & completion sales.
  • Rob successfully held the titles of President for the Calgary Construction Association; President for the Calgary General Contractors Association; Chairman of the Alberta Construction Tendering System.
  • Rob is a leader in his industry, he has been a top producing agent every year of his real estate career and has enjoyed branching out onto his own with the BIGRob brand. When dealing with Rob, you're dealing with an expert in the field of Real Estate! You're dealing with a Real Estate Consultant.

Rob McKibbon, Your Real Estate Consultant

#2 in CANADA!

Rob was awarded by the President of Homelife® BC, Mr. Rick Dubord, the Top Sales Certificate of Achievement for Gross Sales Commission in 2013, The Chairman's Club Membership Award. In Addition Rob was awarded the Top 5% Sales Representative in Canada based on Gross Commissions and also the #2 Listing Sales Representative in Canada for 2013.

Shuswap Real Estate Specialist!

This Award Represents agents across Canada in over 200 Homelife® Realty offices including most major cities.....
.......and here our small town of Salmon Arm has three of the top 10 agents!  (Jim, Kent & Rob)

Recent Award Stats (We're only as good as our next sale though!):
Homelife Realty; 2014 to 2022:

  • Awarded the Chairman's Club Award past 7 yrs (Highest Award within the Homelife® franchise)
  • Top 10 Listing Sales Rep in all of Canada for Homelife® Realty
  • No 4 Listing Sales Rep in all of Canada for Homelife® Realty 2015
  • Top 5% Sales Rep in all of Canada based on gross commissions for Homelife®
  • No. 2 Individual REALTOR® for all the Shuswap region based on sales volume
  • Awarded the Chairman's Club Award annually; Number 1 in sales for several years.
  • No. 1 to 4 each year for Individual REALTOR® for all the Shuswap region based on sales volume

Rob is an expert communicator & negotiator with a diploma in Contract Law. He  previously owned & operated a Sales Distribution company that employed over 200 commissioned sales people, most of whom he provided personal training & motivation to, although he is highly self motivated himself, his friends refer to him as "Miles after Midnight McKibbon" because of the hours of work he's put into his marketing career often working late into the next days morning processing paperwork or building websites for marketing.

Shuswap Real Estate Specialist!

His wife, Lynn has worked as a full partner with the RoLyn Group of Companies for close to the past 25 years now, as well as being a mother to 5 children she has assisted in the day to day operations of our companies assisting in all facets of the administration roles of the organizations. She continues to assist Rob as his unlicensed assistant in their real estate business and she's been a host mom to our Rotary exchange students annually for almost a decade now too. (2011 to 2020)

Rob has been involved in the professional sales & marketing industry for most of his adult life, he is an expert in the field & understands his clients personal needs when dealing with a real estate sales person. Just one call to Rob and you'll know you're in good hands!  Rob can be flexible towards his clients personal requirements understanding that marketing a property is never exactly the same; each property is unique along with their owners or buyers.

We Pride Ourselves On Being Compassionate

Together Rob & Lynn run the business entity of which now is composed of an administrative team to support the demands of operating 365 days of the year. 

Our team is pleased to have Catherine as a full time viewing coordinator, two office administrators, Linda & Monique who maintain the office front desk 6 days/week & handle all the conveyancing paperwork. 

We also have buyers agents working with us who are specially trained to show our listings, The Hosseini Team & Colin Blair both greatly assist us in the day to day, 7 days/week operations. 

Shuswap Real Estate Specialist!

McKibbon Family on McKibbon's beach, Shuswap Lake (2021)

Our Five Kids! Erin, Candace, Blake, Catherine (with Halle) & Jenny  (2021)

The McKibbon Family Turning their clients into friends!

Lynn enjoying a top down ride (2019)

Before Real Estate....

Lynn grew up and lived in Montreal with 2 brothers her entire childhood and she is fluent in French. She moved to Western Canada after she met Rob. Rob grew up at the Coast and moved to Vancouver Island in his teens where he graduated high school in Port Alberni. He moved to Edmonton, Alberta to attend NAIT where he received his Construction Engineering Diploma.  He quickly rose to the position of Branch Manager with a small commercial construction company that relocated him to Toronto, Eastern Canada, where he met Lynn.  They relocated to Calgary, Alberta in 1988 during the winter Olympic construction spree where he was the Branch Manager of a multi-million dollar commercial construction company with offices located in 5 Western major cities.  Rob was in his mid-20's and they nicknamed him "kid", but his talent for building multiple large commercial projects was evident.  Some 30 years later he has a 100% track record for completing projects on time and on budget!

Rob later formed his own commercial construction company with two financial investment partners and was the President of that company for over 15 years serving the area of Southern Alberta.  He eventually bought out his partners and became the 100% sole owner completing 100's of millions in commercial development projects.  He also served as the President of the Calgary Construction Association and the President of the Alberta General Contractors Association during this time.  He bought his first computer in 1987 embracing the technology and has been a student of microsoft systems ever since!

Also during this, Rob and Lynn raised 5 children, Lynn was primarily busy with the tasks of running the home and getting everyone where they needed to be on time, at least until they were walking, talking and feeding themselves.  They have always made a great team, whether raising the family or attending to business.  Lynn's tremendous efforts at home afforded Rob many opportunities within his career.  Rob recalls at that time when people would ask him, "Does your wife work?"  He would reply, "No, but if she heard me say that she'd punch me! Ha, ha. She's the mother of 5."  Lynn worked unselfishly day and night, and with their busy lives she still does.

They started to buy investment properties early in their marriage and before reaching the age of 30 they had over 40 rent checks coming in monthly paying down the mortgages of their investments.  One thing led to another and they soon found themselves the owners of seven different corporations; most of which were involved in the real estate development side of their affairs.  They had a company that managed their revenue properties, they had a company that owned their revenue properties, they had a company that financed properties and provided mortgage services, they had their construction company and their development company.  Robs construction company employed over 25 full time employees and completed millions of dollars in construction work each and every month.

Rob and Lynn also founded a sales & marketing distribution company that eventually employed close to 200 commissioned sales people throughout Western Canada and was very successful placing them in the top 1% for sales achievements in Western Canada.  Lynn took on most of the day to day operations of this business.

Obviously by their achievements, Rob and Lynn are driven individuals who love setting large goals and then achieving those goals.  At the age of 35, after visiting the Shuswap Lake for their summer vacation for the ump-teenth time, they asked themselves, "Why are we leaving this beautiful place?"  They understood that nothing would ever happen to realize their dream if they didn't set forth an action plan.  So at the age of 35 they set a goal to move to the Shuswap area by the age of 40.  From that point forward that became their goal.  Rob turned 40 in March of 2000 and they purchased their first Salmon Arm home during their Easter vacation visit just one month later.  They've never looked back!

Rob's great grand-father, Ernie Buckingham lived in the Shuswap in the late 1800's and his grand-mother, May was raised in Blind Bay. She attended school in Celista.  Later her sister, Laura and her moved to Magna Bay.  (May McKibbon & Laura Goldney)  Rob spent all his childhood summers in Magna Bay at his grand-parents waterfront cabin; he calls it the "Spirit of the Shuswap" but the fantastic memories of this beautiful area were too powerful to resist and he is very, very proud to call this home and now raise his own children here too.  Their own grand-children are now 6th generation Shuswap Lakers! Both Rob and Lynn love living here and they feel that appreciation everyday, at every opportunity.

Following his extensive career in real estate development in Southern Alberta, Rob understands sales and marketing like no other.  He often quotes, "Show me a developer that doesn't know how to do Sales & Marketing, and I'll show you a developer who's going broke."  Rob specialized in sales work and eventually became a graphics designer to assist his sales teams.  He went on to learn how to build websites and mastered the email programs that could save him time and money tracking potential clients.  To this very date he is still enrolled in classes continuing his education. 

Shuswap Real Estate Specialist!

Becoming a REALTOR® was a perfect match for Rob. He is now focused on giving back to this industry, much like he did for the construction industry in Alberta.  He strives to be a leader by example and continues to build cooperative working relationships throughout the industry.  Now in his 60's, Rob is much more relaxed, and he completes his work with confidence and ease, providing his clients with the very best service that he can deliver.  He believes in earning his commission and backs his work with a written guarantee for client satisfaction.

Rob is working as a FULL TIME REALTOR® and enjoys bringing buyers and sellers together to make a deal. His priority is your satisfaction and it shows through in his work, his family and his friendships.  He cares about his clients, and more often than not, his clients become his friends!  Success to Rob and Lynn is that they now live, work and play at the Shuswap and they love nothing more than sharing that passion with others.  

Lynn with our 4 daughters on her birthday: Candace, Jenny, Lynn, Erin & Catherine (2019)

Rob and our son Blake (2019)

Rob & Grandson Tegwyn

Lynn & Granddaughter Brynn

Grandson Rory (2023)

Grand-daughter Halle (2023)

Grandsons Diesel, Carter, Mason (2023)

Grand-daughter Brynn (2023)

What's For Fun?

  • Rob & his family enjoy a waterfront lifestyle at their summer home on Shuswap Lake. the entire family water-skis & swims. They enjoy boating, Kayaking, Canoeing, Swimming, Hiking, Biking & 4x4ing. 
  • Rob is an avid snow mobiler enjoying an 800 skidoo he takes the time to get out sledding with his family, friends and sometimes clients; from trail riding to extreme mountain excursions, winter exploring is fun & the Shuswap offers excellent snow mobiling right in our backyards!
Shuswap Real Estate Specialist!
  • Rob is an avid reader; He loves to read & study learning new things and taking on new challenges. He has a strong reading "habit" that he incorporated into his lifestyle over 25 years ago.
  • Rob has belonged to a car club for the past 30 years and enjoys the social aspects of ownership.
  • Rob races his 911 Porsche & BMW 330i race car on the track at Area 27 through a private membership, he loves cars and is an auto enthusiast. 
  • Rob & Lynn enjoyed being Exchange Student hosts each year, for almost a decade.
  • Lynn and some of her girls are artistic in nature enjoying painting, knitting, cross stitching and crafts.
  • Of course Rob & Lynn love being grand-parents and with 5 kids there's gonna be alot more of that, with 7 grandkids currently. 
  • Rob is a private pilot & they enjoy owning a private plane flying out of the Salmon Arm airport (CZAM).
  • Since 2014 Rob & Lynn have enjoyed maintaining a balanced lifestyle by living in Mexico for the winter months. They lease a home on the ocean in Chixculub in the Yucatan and enjoy recharging their batteries in the sunshine.

BIGRob's Area 27 GTU Race car that Rob drives:

Lynn & Rob enjoying flying around the Shuswap

Rob & Lynn flew their plane across 3 Countries to their home in Mexico! What an adventure!

Our private plane, a Rockwell Commander 114

Rob & Lynn on their journey through Mexico!

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When you absolutely need a property with a dock.....
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Shuswap Real Estate Specialist!

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